What Is Nail Extension: Definition and Advantages

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Definition and Advantages of Nail Extension

Looking beautiful with long and curly nails is a favorite of today’s women. Design view nail art also varies, makes us want to dress up our nails, right, Lash Sisters? So, if you don’t want to wait a long time to lengthen your nails naturally, you can tryNail Extension.

Long, curly and beautiful nails with various designs nail art certainly makes our fingers look attractive. But unfortunately, not everyone can grow their nails naturally and keep them long. Many women complain that their nails grow for a long time, and their nails are brittle or break easily.

The need for long and curly nails can be resolved with the latest beauty innovations, namely nail extension. Come on, find out more about what it is nail extension.

Nail Extension

Nail Extension
Ultimate Guide To Nail Extensions | Blossom Nail Spa

Nail extension is one way to lengthen nails instantly, by attaching artificial nails made from certain materials to natural nails. There are 2 materials that are often used as nail extension, among others:‍


This one material is a material commonly used to make artificial nails nail extension. Acrylic artificial nails are made from acrylic powder and monomer liquid and then formed on the nail.


Gel materials have recently become popular as materials for artificial nails nail extension. Made from gel, this material is applied to the nails with a brush and shaped in such a way. Then the gel nails are exposed to UV light to harden.

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Advantages of Nail Extension

Advantages of Nail Extension
Advantages of Nail Extension


Certainly, the main advantage of installingnail extension is to lengthen nails practically. Nails will look prettier, longer and curlier instantly withnail extension.

Can be replaced as needed

Because installation is easy, the designs presented are also varied, Lash Sisters. Therefore, you can also change it as you like. Whether it’s an everyday look or a special event, everything can be tailored to your needs. You can also express more with your nails.

Long lasting

Nail extension It can last up to 2-4 weeks, you know, Lash Sisters. Usually, natural nails that are naturally long are prone to breaking. Well, nail extensions are the right choice for an instant appearance with curly nails.

What is the Difference Between Nail Extensions and Natural Long Nails?

What is the Difference Between Nail Extensions and Natural Long Nails?
What is the Difference Between Nail Extensions and Natural Long Nails?

Nail Extension Of course it’s different from normal nails. However, the similarity is that if it is not looked after and cared for properly it can also break easily. For example, oftenknock or being hit with a hard object repeatedly. Habits also have an influence, for example doing vigorous exercise or doing domestic tasks at home. Of course, your natural nails must also be strong so that they can be used as a foundation nail extension it is not easily damaged.Make sure you strengthen your nails naturally first.

Installing Nail extension It’s also best to do it at a trusted salon, Lash Sisters. One of the salon recommendations nail extension the quality is Pigment Tier.

Salon Nails Pigmentier is located in South Jakarta, precisely in Kemang. We offer a variety of services to strengthen your nails, including hand and toenail care, as well nail art services.

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Tier Pigment Nails Salon uses high quality products to care for your nails, so they become healthier and stronger. We also have professional and experienced workers in carrying out nail care,one of them manicure with many benefits for your nails.

There is also hospitality nail art to make your nails more charming and unique, with a collection of various designs, from simple to complex.

Interested in installing nail extension? The Tier Pigment Team is ready to help you! Schedule your consultation now, come on. See you soon, Lash Sisters!

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