How to Remove Fake Nails at Home Safely

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How to Remove Acrylic Nails at Home Safely

Are you a nail extension gel lover? In the nail extension process, you will be fitted with fake nails to make them look longer and curlier. Over time, your natural nails will grow. Appearance of nails withnail extension gel it would have seemed strange at the time. You want to remove fake nails at home, but are confused about how to do it painlessly and safely yourself.

Don’t worry, Lash Sisters, there is a way to remove fake nails at home that doesn’t hurt and is safe to do yourself. This time we will discuss further the solution for letting gonail extension gel which does not damage nails.

Prepare Materials and Tools to Remove Fake Nails

Prepare Materials and Tools to Remove Acrylic Nails
Prepare Materials and Tools to Remove Acrylic Nails

Can’t be careless in-pry or in-penny, you have to prepare some special materials and tools. Before that, you also need to know What’s that nail extension, and what are the advantages?, so you can consider whether to use it again after removing it.

Removing false nails without preparation will actually damage your nails and cuticles. Worse, your nails can break or become damaged, causing infection. That’s why it’s important for you to know how to keep nails from breaking easily.

OK, now let’s prepare the materials and tools to remove false nails at home, OK:

  • Acetone
  • Small container for acetone
  • Nail clipper
  • Nail Pusher
  • Nail File & Buffers
  • Nail Brush
  • Cuticle Oil
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Painless and Safe Ways to Remove Fake Nails at Home

Painless and Safe Ways to Remove Fake Nails at Home
Painless and Safe Ways to Remove Fake Nails at Home

Are the ingredients ready? Now let’s try to do it step by step to remove fake nails at home, Lash Sisters.

How to remove fake nails at home:

  1. Cut nails as short as possible. This is done to make it easier for you to remove fake nails and reduce the risk of breaking your real nails.
  2. Prepare acetone, pour enough into a small container. Don’t use too much, because acetone can easily evaporate in the air.
  3. Soak the nail tips for 5 seconds, do this for all fingers with fake nails, one by one.
  4. Using the Nail Pusher, gently push the false nail slightly. Give it a cavity with fake nails. Its function is to leave a gap for acetone to enter between the natural nail and the false nail
  5. Soak the nail tips again in acetone for 1-2 minutes, do this for each finger, one by one.
  6. Use the Nail Pusher to push the fake nail back until it comes off the real nail. Do it carefully. You can soak it again if you feel the fake nail glue is still sticking too firmly.
  7. If the fake nail has come off, scrape off any remaining glue on the surface of the nail to remove the rest.
  8. Clean using a Nail Brush.
  9. Use Nail Buffer to smooth the nail surface optimally.
  10. Finally, apply Cuticle Oil to keep your nails and finger cuticles healthy and moist.

That’s an easy way to remove false nails at home that doesn’t hurt and is safe to do yourself. Each step needs to be done carefully and slowly, avoiding forcibly removing it. This is done to minimize nail damage and avoid infection in your fingers.

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However, if you are still unsure about how to remove fake nails ornails extension gel At home,we are very welcome to do it for you! Leave it to the experts for a way to release that is definitely painless and safe.

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Salon Nails Pigmentier uses high quality products to care for your nails, so they become healthier and stronger. We also have professional and experienced workers in carrying out nail care, one of which is helping to remove false nails in a painless and safe way.

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